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Our Story

The idea for Double Bogey was born in 2020 while on a golf course in Durham, NC. During a hard fought 36 holes at the local muni (life is tough as a full-time MBA student), Anthony and his friends were discussing their over priced "high performance" polos they each were wearing. Throughout the day, and after some ice cold beverages, they became appalled that they each spent $80+ on a brand name polo that 1) Wasn't comfortable 2) Didn't stand out on the course and 3) Didn't help them break 90.

In the next few days, after some deep thought (in-between trying to find a real job), Anthony decided there had to be a better option. While researching the industry, he saw two main cohorts. The first being the traditional "big name" premium brands (we all know who they are) and their outrageously priced polos and shorts. Their patterns were plain, overplayed, and boring - like your grandfathers go to golf gear. Next came the "disrupters." If you follow any sort of golf social media you have seen their spam ads (way too often). While this group was better priced than those big names, they all had one thing in common - their polos make you like an a**hole.

And that's how Double Bogey was started. We found the same suppliers and premium materials (better actually) as the big name brands and created unique patterns that stand out on the course but don't make you look like a complete a**hole. We cut out the middle men and all the added extras to make our premium products affordable for the average double bogey golfer wanting to look great and have a good time.